What is the GCV Institute?

In today’s world of disruptive markets, where innovation and transformation are board-level priorities, the need for high-performing, scalable corporate venture programs is crucial. The GCV Institute was created to advance the collective potential and power of corporates as both strategic investors and innovation partners.

The Curriculum

The Institute offers a range of learning journeys that target multiple corporate investment and corporate venture roles, responsibilities and topics. From corporate venture business development (CVBD) to parent partnering, the curriculum covers all the courses and subjects critical to a CV program's success.

  • Essentials Courses – CV Common Language and Context

  • Deep Dive Courses – CV Professional Development and Certification

  • Hot Topics – Staying Relevant to the Latest Challenges and Opportunities

  • Community – Ongoing Networking and Sharing of New Ideas and Solutions

CVC Essentials: Investment Programs

This course focuses on the required steps for designing, building, and operating professional CVC programs that are both impactful and sustainable over time. Key VC and CVC industry terms and concepts are illustrated through best-in-class case studies across multiple program maturity phases.

CV Essentials: Parent Partnering

The focus of this course is to showcase the end-to-end corporate venturing story from different perspectives, integrating CV teams, corporate partners and startups to highlight the benefits and requirements of making these partnerships successful and efficient.

Landing the Value of Corporate Venturing

This advanced course targets the requirements for designing, building, and optimizing professional CVBD programs. Guest experts and unique case studies are utilized to highlight key industry terms and concepts that add real value to your CVC program. A hallmark of this course is an ‘on-the-job’ mentored Challenge designed to apply key course learnings for both your personal development and the impact of your broader corporate venture program.

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