By CVCs, for CVCs: Professional development & certification, benchmarking and community building

With its global reach and robust curriculum, the GCV Institute provides professional development for multiple team functions and foundational CV common language and context for effective parent and external stakeholder engagement. Designed ‘by CVCs, for CVCs’, the Institute brings together GCV's premier global CV community and Bell Mason Group's (BMG) deep CV industry research and best practice trends analysis. Leaders from high-performing CV groups share their expertise and insights in videos, panels, case studies and as mentors.

Key Features

Through a strategically designed curriculum, luminary guest experts and NDA networking, the GCV Institute offers:

  • Professional development for Investment (CVC) and Corporate Venture Business Development (CVBD) teams

  • Best practice common language and context for corporate parent stakeholders who support and partner with CV teams

  • Ongoing education on legal, HR, marketing, and portfolio and performance management

  • Powerful community of practice - alumni, peers, CV experts/mentors and their portfolio companies

  • An engaging mix of state-of-the-art cohort-based learning formats: live online, self-paced, and face-to-face

An Impact-Driven Approach to Professional CV Platform and Team Development

  • Global reach for a broad and robust curriculum that offers localized delivery as well as custom program opportunities

  • Commitment to advancing industry benchmarking to inform the Institute curriculum and assessment-based certification

  • Builds on a 5-year history of CVC professional development and community building and also leverages the GCV academic network for topical research rigor and input to certification standards

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