A Year in Review

Author: Institute Insights

Thursday 20 January, 2022

2021 was a thrilling and busy year at the GCV Institute. We delivered 10 courses, reaching more than 200 participants who represented more than 50 different organizations

Our Institute participants attended from new and existing programs alike, with 45% of them coming from established, long-term programs interested in emerging models and best practices. Many CVCs looked to the Institute to build understanding and common language among newer team members as well as their partners and key contacts in the parent company.

We live by our "By CVCs for CVCs" motto. The Institute curriculum combines an expert-driven case study approach, cohort-based learning, and mentored problem solving to arm participants with common language, tools, and best practices for investing and partnering. Participants consistently tell us that the expert panels in the courses provide invaluable insights that they can immediately apply to their programs. 

In 2021, we saw the Institute community continue to grow with a diverse range of experts contributing across our 4 global course offerings:

What’s next? 2022 has even more in store at the Institute. We’ll continue to embed current industry learnings and best practices in the courses, while developing in parallel a CVC operational and performance benchmarking initiative. This year at the GCV Institute, you’ll see more course offerings, more experts, more community engagement, and more opportunities to bring impact back to your CV program. 

How do you want your professional development to look in 2022? With the new year having started, it’s time to have goals in place and look ahead across the next 12 months. What do you want to learn and achieve next year in your CV program? 

The Institute is here to help you and your teams’ development, whether it’s as a CV team (investor, CVBD), with parent partners, or within the investment ecosystem, we have offerings to arm participants with a common language, tools and best practices for startup investment and partnering.

If you are interested in learning more about one of our particular courses, or would like to request a free demo then please reach out to Lee Sessions at leesessions@gcvinstitute.com

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