Author: Liz Arrington, Co-founder, GCV Institute

Designed to be by CVCs for CVCs, the Institute launched with a robust professional development curriculum that recognizes the complexity of corporate venturing and addresses all the key players who must work together to deliver the promised impact.

Looking ahead, in response to strong industry demand and to ensure that the Institute stays at the forefront of industry best practices, our next critical initiative is operational and performance benchmarking.  How do program charter/innovation goals, industry, and maturity phase (and corporate culture) relate to key operating model characteristics and performance priorities?

We're building the foundation for a CVC operational and performance benchmarking platform during a transformative time.  The better the data set, the richer the custom insights and benchmarks that we will be able to provide! Please participate in the World of Corporate Venturing 2022 Survey 

1 December 2021, GCV Institute Bulletin Extract

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