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Gathering a senior group of 25+ CV investment professionals earlier this month, both from established CVCs and several planning to launch new programs, the highly-rated CVC Essentials – Investment Programs course focused on the key considerations for designing, building, and operating professional CVC programs that are both impactful and sustainable. Guided by seasoned CVCs, VCs, startup CEOs, and legal and compensation experts including Barbara Dalton (Senior Managing Partner, Pfizer Ventures), Marcus Moor (Partner, Emerald Technology Ventures), David Hayes (Managing Partner at BP Ventures) and Mark Radcliffe (Partner, DLA Piper). The group worked toward the following key outcomes:

  • Recognize key CV program strategy elements and operating models
  • Understand the end-to-end investing lifecycle
  • Evaluate options for building and maintaining a high-performance CV team
  • Assess CV approaches for internal and external ecosystem management
  • Define the appropriate mix of strategic and financial metrics


‘’I can’t imagine doing this new CVC role without having taken both the Parent Partnering and Investment Programs courses and reading the book (Corporate Venturing: A Survival Guide). I will certainly ensure that all my team also participates as part of their onboarding.’’
Susan Viscon, SVP Corporate Development and Investment at REI

‘’The most valuable part for me is meeting other CVC investors in the course. It’s important to look sideways to learn the latest trends and practices so that we can stay competitive relative to peers.”
Grace Chan, Associate at BP Ventures

Wednesday 30 June 2021

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