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‘’The most valuable part for me is meeting other CVC investors in the course. It's important to look sideways to learn the latest trends and practices so that we can stay competitive relative to peers’’

Grace Chan, Associate @ BP Ventures

‘’I have learnt so much about the motivations of CVs and the strategy behind them. As a BU leader working with our CV team, I've often found it difficult to appreciate the driving force behind the team and how it is intended to interact with the parent company. The course provided a tangible background into the 'why' of CV teams.’’

CV Essentials: Parent Partnering participant, Sept 2021


‘’It opened my eyes to how strategic investments can be organized and how it is possible to increase the strategic position of the company with the help of CVC.’’

CVC Essentials: Investment Programs participant, June 2021


‘’A key learning I heard was around breaking down organisational resistance, by having startups come and present to divisions e.g. Intel Technology Days. I think this would be useful for our organisation. I also appreciated the various phases of the investment lifecycle, and roles & responsibilities was insightful.’’

CV Essentials: Parent Partnering participant, Sept 2021


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