As 2022 has drawn to a close, the GCV Institute team would like to thank our alumni and CVC guest experts and mentors who joined us to drive our mission of CVC industry advancement, staying power and impact. The Institute’s superpower is reflected in our “by CVCs for CVCs” motto - we are better CVCs when we collaborate and work together!

With a global professional development curriculum, growing Institute alumni and expert communities, and the new GCV Keystone CVC benchmarking platform, the Institute empowers corporations to meet the new high bar for CVC program professionalism and impact, and we're excited to see continued growth in 2023. Here's a brief recap of the past year.

The Power of Professional Development

In 2022, we nearly doubled the number of course conducts, addressing cohorts in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific with both live online and face-to-face offerings. And we partnered with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to provide bespoke courses to accelerate their regional CVC capacity-building initiatives.

We also fine-tuned our flagship action learning program, Landing the Value of Corporate Venturing (LVCV), to directly address the critical impact and longevity challenges that CVCs face in today’s uncertain economic environments. 

Multi-functional LVCV pods tapped the Institute’s resources (frameworks, models, templates, and best practice case studies), the wisdom of cohort peers and guest experts, and the Institute’s mentor ‘brain trust’ to tackle real world challenges faced by their CVC programs including:

  • Developing ‘impact’ strategies/plans to justify new fund approval, existing fund survival
  • Establishing executive and key stakeholder support for a new CV program charter, and disruptive role in corporate innovation 
  • Wiring the parent – institutionalizing global networks/CVC champions to support effective startup identification, investment, and engagement
  • Creating CVBD/portfolio development ‘platform’ teams to engage internal and external stakeholders and deliver value to portfolio and parent
  • Nurturing parent partner shared responsibility for portfolio strategic value delivery and performance

The Course Calendar for H1 2023 is Confirmed

So looking ahead, why not have a deeper look at the course calendar for 2023 here, and develop your plan to arm your CVC teams (investors, CVBD/portfolio development) and parent partners with common language, tools and best practices for impactful startup investment and partnering. 

GCV Keystone: CVC Operational and Performance Benchmarking

As noted above, GCV Keystone is the latest offering from the GCV Institute. Its purpose is to provide best practice benchmarks for the industry and help keep our fingers on the pulse of corporate venturing - we collect the most comprehensive global data set on operating models, reporting structures, performance, team construct, and much more.  

And for the first time, our new GCV Keystone platform allows filtering of aggregate industry data for relevance - by program charter, maturity phase, operating model, parent industry, investment focus, region and more! (see sample dashboard and filters below)

The better the data set, the richer the custom insights and benchmarks that we will be able to provide!

Find Out More

For more information about Professional Development, please reach out to Lee Sessions [email protected]

For GCV Keystone inquiries, contact Liz Arrington [email protected]

Happy New Year – We look forward to seeing you in the coming months!

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