The Institute offers courses and learning journeys that target the Essentials (CV common language and context) and Deep Dives for CV professional development and certification, as well as other opportunities for CV continuing education and community connections. Program length may range from 2 hours for a course to 3 months for a deep dive learning journey with an on-the-job practicum. Courses are offered in a variety of modalities to meet professionals’ learning needs and ensure on-the-job application. 

The Essentials Series

The Essentials Series are foundational courses designed to introduce corporate venturing (CV) language and illustrate key industry concepts via expert case studies, models, tools, and peer networking.

Deep Dive Series

The Deep Dive Series are 3-month-long interactive learning journeys designed to advance the professional development of senior CV team members in the Corporate Venture Business Development (CVBD)/Portfolio Development and Venture Investment (CVC) functions. Key course design tenets are to provide highly actionable content and to create connections that allow participants to learn from one another as well as to have access to the advice of seasoned practitioners from established programs.

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