The Institute curriculum is designed to address CV team (VC investment and CVBD/portfolio development) professional development as well as promote effective engagement with both parent and external stakeholders. 

The Institute offers courses and learning journeys that integrate foundational CV common language and models with a rich combination of expert case studies (panels, videos), self-directed learning/resources, cohort-based live interaction, and mentored problem solving, as well as other opportunities for CV continuing education and community connections. All courses include assessment-based certification.

Program length may range from two hours for a course to three months for an in-depth learning journey with on-the-job practicum. Courses are offered in a variety of modalities to meet professionals' learning needs and ensure practical application. 

CVC Investment Programs

Meet the new high bar for strategic investment program professionalism

Cohort-based masterclass which explores the key elements for designing, building and optimizing programs to meet the new high bar for CVC professionalism. Key VC and CVC industry terms and concepts are illustrated though best-in-class case studies across multiple CV program types and maturity phases.

Landing the Value of Corporate Venturing

Develop end-to-end investing strategies and programs

Cohort-based deep dive course focused on key considerations for designing, building, and optimizing professional CVBD (startup partnering) programs; includes mentored end-to-end investing project.

Introduction to Corporate Venturing

Enhance CVBD and parent understanding of CVC roles and practices

Cohort-based introduction to corporate venturing and parent/portfolio partnering. Illustrates high value startup partnering approaches and concepts, interweaving all perspectives: CV teams, startups and parent partners.

CVC Investment Basics

Gain a better understanding of the VC Investment process

Primarily self-paced introduction to the VC investment process with emphasis on nuances for CVCs. Includes quarterly live online expert Q&A panel.

Custom Programs

Institute bespoke courses for your organization

Leverage the GCV Institute curriculum and learning platform to create a bespoke program for CVC capacity building and professionalization or for educating and engaging key internal/external stakeholders.

The Institute Community

Whenever you participate in a course from the Institute Curriculum, you will be joining an ongoing and ever-developing community of peers, leaders and experts who regularly connect and get together at Institute alumni events and wider GCV conferences

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