About the Program

Today’s Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVCs) are playing increasingly influential and high value roles in the global investment ecosystem, participating in more than 25% of VC deals. However, CVC is a challenging job. Corporate Venturing programs must operate professionally in a complex set of interdependent ecosystems involving both internal and external stakeholders and are tasked with both financial and unique strategic mandates. Integrating an understanding of the VC ‘rules of the game,’ with an appreciation for the nuances and requirements of strategic investing is fundamental to CV program professionalism and impact.

A key success factor for both new and expanding programs is the establishment of common industry language and a baseline understanding of the CVC investment process across the full team including new investment team members, Corporate Venture Business Development (CVBD)/portfolio development and operations staff as well as key corporate shared services professionals.

What is CVC Essentials: Investment Fundamentals?

CVC Essentials: Investment Fundamentals is a high-level introduction to the VC investment process, emphasizing nuances and considerations for corporate investors. The course overviews the unique end-to-end strategic investing perspective that enables CVCs to deliver value to both parent and portfolio, while highlighting implications for how corporates participate in VC funding rounds. The course will enable participants to understand how the VC investment process works and to consider their roles in making it more efficient and impactful within their own companies.

Upcoming Course Dates

The CVC Essentials: Investment Fundamentals course involves centers on self-paced learning and features a quarterly subscription to a live online  session with an expert panel.

Upcoming live online panels:

29 March 2022

8 June 2022

Register for CVC Essentials: Investment Fundamentals

$900 per participant or $750 per participant for groups of 3 or more (additional group discounts available). Reach out to info@gcvinstitute.com for additional purchasing options.

Who Should Attend?

  • New CVC team members who support the investment process (analysts, associates, operations)

  • Corporate venture business development (CVBD) / portfolio development team members who need to better understand the VC investment process and terminology

  • Shared services professionals who support the CVC investment cycle (finance, legal, regulatory, etc.) and need to understand industry context and expectations

  • Parent partners who engage regularly with startups as business partners and would like to better understand the VC investment process and terminology

Quick Facts

  • Format

    Lessons are primarily self-paced with core content illustrated by industry models, expert videos, and tools. Includes two one hour live online Q&A sessions with CVC and legal experts. Certification earned through achieving score of 75%+ on test of knowledge on key concepts.

  • Resources

    Includes Learning Management System to guide self-paced elements and access to resources, as well as a robust library of videos, articles, case studies, actionable tools and templates.

  • Time Commitment

    5-6 hours.

  • Community

    Alumni network of peers and experts, and invitation-only alumni networking at GCV global events (online and face-to-face).

  • Pricing

    $900 per participant or $750 per participant for groups of 3 or more (additional group discounts available).

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