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Today’s Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVCs) are playing increasingly influential and high value roles in the global investment ecosystem, participating in more than 25% of VC deals. A distinguishing characteristic of high performing CV programs is an end-to-end investing approach that is fundamental to both portfolio financial performance and the delivery of the ultimate strategic impact needed to ensure CV program longevity. Recent years have seen the formalization of sophisticated professional CVBD groups tasked with driving both parent and external ecosystem engagement and accelerating investment portfolio lead time to value. Establishing a common corporate venturing language and understanding of its unique characteristics is foundational to enabling all parties to work together impactfully and deliver the promised value.

What is Landing the Value of Corporate Venturing?

Landing the Value of Corporate Venturing is an interactive deep dive addressing the Corporate Business Development (CVBD)/Portfolio Development function, combining self-paced and live online delivery, expert stories/resources, and peer interaction to maximize learning. The course focuses on key considerations for designing, building, and optimizing professional CVBD programs with industry terms and concepts illustrated in best practice program case studies. A hallmark of the course is an ‘on the job’ mentored Challenge designed to apply key course concepts for both personal development and broader CV program impact.

Upcoming Course Dates

The Landing the Value of Corporate Venturing course involves asynchronous and synchronous learning.

Kickoff Session
Immerse Sessions
Wrap-up Session
16 March 2022
8 AM – 9:30 AM
Pacific Time
28, 30, 31 March 2022
8 AM - 11 AM
Pacific Time
12 May 2022
8 AM - 10 AM
Pacific Time
Sessions are live online with self-paced learning and on-the-job practice between sessions


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$6,000 per participant. Group discounts available. Reach out to for information.

Who Should Attend?

Note: CVBD is a middleman function which involves the alignment of multiple stakeholders…For best results, companies typically send 2-4 participants who work together in cross-functional (CVC/CVBD) ‘pods’ in breakouts and on their Challenge, and where appropriate, including at least one parent representative

  • CV teams committed to building or expanding CVBD programs for parent engagement

  • Parent BU and functional managers who partner closely with CVBD teams to build effective startup partnerships that deliver on their business priorities

  • Shared services professionals who provide specialist support to CV investment and innovation partnering activities and need to understand why venturing is different

Quick Facts

  • Format

    Includes Kick-off and networking session to overview program map, cadence and Challenge; 15 hours of ‘Immerse’ content: live online sessions, alternating with self-paced content; core concepts illustrated by industry models, expert videos, Q&As; interactive peer breakouts, group networking sessions; and unique mentored ‘On-the-Job’ Challenge, Practicum and Certification.

  • Resources

    Include Learning Management System to guide self-paced elements and access to resources, as well as a robust library of videos, articles, case studies, actionable tools and templates.

  • Time Commitment

    20-25 hours.

  • Community

    Alumni network of peers and experts, and invitation-only alumni networking at GCV global events (online and face-to-face).

  • Customization

    Option to integrate CV program-specific content for in-house delivery.

  • Pricing

    $6,000 per participant (group discounts available).

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“Having that shared experience among the three members representing both parents and our team and developing the common language so they understood the work that had to happen from all sides—it was a huge benefit. And already we’re seeing benefits come back to our organization from the best practices and benchmarking our team was able to do, through the mentorship she received, through exposure to other programs—it has been immediately accretive to our program internally.”

“If you look at the realities of COVID-19, particularly for programs with off balance sheet investment funding—CVBD is the survival piece. My parent could turn off my investment dollars and I’d still have value to deliver.”

“Advice from our amazing mentor helped us retool our Challenge and pivot from a shotgun perspective to a very targeted approach. He got us to embrace the pivot and be guided by what would get our parent partner promoted!”

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