Our 'By CVCs, for CVCs' Approach

We bring together corporate venturing experts from around the globe to share deep CV industry research and best practice knowledge. Leaders from high-performing CV groups provide their expertise and insights in videos, panels, case studies, and as course mentors. We also gather high-potential startup founders, CEOs and specialist experts across the curriculum. 

We're delighted that so many experts have supported the Institute and we'll continue to add even more to the community. 

The full list of CVC experts can be viewed further down this page, while there are links below to view the other categories of our guest experts. Take a look!


Our CVC Guest Experts

Anil Achyuta, TDK Ventures

Jim Adler, Toyota AI Ventures

Jennifer Ard, Intel Capital

Kim Armor, Comcast Ventures

Paul Asel, NGP Capital

Steve Bernardez, Avanta Ventures

Karim Botros, Echo Health Ventures

Chad Bown, BP Ventures

Debbie Brackeen, CSAA Insurance Group

Barbara Burger, ex-Chevron Technology Ventures

Amy Burr, Jet Blue Technology Ventures

Tony Cannestra, Denso

Arun Chetty, Intel Capital

Jong Sang Choi, Samsung Ventures Investments

Rob Coppedge, Echo Health Ventures

Sean Doyle, Intel Capital

Tarik Galijasevic, Allstate Strategic Ventures

Nacho Gimenez, bp Ventures

Abdul Guefor, Intel Capital

Stefan Hasselbeck, Munich Re Ventures

Marcin Hejka, OTB Ventures

Jeff Herbst, GFT Ventures

Jocelyn Houle, Capital One

George Hoyem, In-Q-Tel

Brinda Jadeja, In-Q-Tel

Anand Kamannavar, Applied Ventures

Oshri Kaplan, Munich Re

Dong-su Kim, LG Technology Ventures

Eric King, Intel Capital

Matthew Koertge, Telstra Ventures

Carlos Kokron, Qualcomm Ventures

Jacqueline LeSage Krause, Munich Re Ventures

Ran Kurup, Intel Capital

Scott Lenet, Touchdown Ventures

Quinn Li, Qualcomm Ventures

Bill McNulty, Capital One

Girish Nadkarni, TotalEnergies Ventures

Yogis Nijhon, Munich Re Ventures

Austin Noronha, Sony

Faran Nouri, Lam Capital

Brian Panoff, Shell Ventures

Sanjiv Parikh, Avanta Ventures (CSAA)

Ian Sanders, Munich Re Ventures

Nicholas Sauvage, TDK Ventures

Brian Schettler, AEI HorizonX

Reese Schroeder, Allstate Strategic Ventures

Jaidev Shergill, Capital One Ventures

Tamara Steffens, TR Ventures

Dave Stevenson, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

Pradeep Tagare, National Grid Partners

Eileen Tanghal, In-Q-Tel

Bill Taranto, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

Gen Tsuchikawa, Sony Ventures Corporation

Tiffine Wang, MD&AD Ventures

Nick Washburn, Intel Capital

Tom Whiteaker, IBM Ventures

Madura Wijewardena, Comcast Ventures

Hideaki Yajima, Fujitsu Ventures

Michael Young, Caterpillar Ventures

Jessica Zeaske, Echo Health Ventures

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